Verifying Artifactory's Accessibility


This command can be used to verify that Artifactory is accessible by sending an applicative ping to Artifactory.

Commands Params

Command name

rt ping


rt p

Command options:


[Optional] JFrog Artifactory URL. (example:


[Optional] Server ID configured using the jf c add command. If not specified, the default configured Artifactory server is used.


[Default: false] Set to true to skip TLS certificates verification.

Command arguments:

The command accepts no arguments.


Example 1

Ping the configured default Artifactory server.

jf rt ping

Example 2

Ping the configured Artifactory server with ID rt-server-1.

jf rt ping --server-id=rt-server-1

Example 3

Ping the Artifactory server. accessible through the specified URL.

jf rt ping --url=

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