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The Bamboo JFrog Plugin is designed to provide an easy integration between Bamboo and the JFrog Platform.

Unlike the legacy Bamboo Artifactory Plugin, the new Bamboo JFrog Plugin focuses on a single task that runs JFrog CLI commands. Worth mentioning that both JFrog plugins, can work side by side.

The advantage of this approach is that JFrog CLI is a powerful and versatile tool that integrates with all JFrog capabilities. It offers extensive features and functionalities, and it is constantly improved and updated with the latest enhancements from JFrog. This ensures that the Bamboo JFrog Plugin is always up-to-date with the newest features and improvements provided by JFrog.

With the Bamboo JFrog Plugin, you can easily deploy artifacts, resolve dependencies, and link them to the build jobs that created them. Additionally, you can scan your artifacts and builds for vulnerabilities using JFrog Xray and distribute your software packages to remote locations using JFrog Distribution.

Key Features

  • Artifact Management: Manage build artifacts with Artifactory.

  • Dependency Resolution: Resolve dependencies from Artifactory for reliable builds.

  • Build Traceability: Link artifacts to their corresponding build jobs for better traceability.

  • Security Scanning: Scan artifacts and builds with JFrog Xray for vulnerabilities.

  • Software Distribution: Distribute software packages to remote locations using JFrog Distribution.

Installation and Configuration

  1. Download the latest release of the plugin from the Bamboo Marketplace.

  2. Install the plugin on your Bamboo server.

  3. In the Bamboo Administration section, go to Manage Apps and select JFrog Configuration.

  4. Click on New JFrog Platform Configuration.

  5. Configure your credentials details and run a Test Connection, then click Save.

JFrog CLI Settings

  1. By default, latest JFrog CLI will be installed and used when the JFrog CLI task runs. You can specify a specific version to be used.

  2. If your Bamboo agents have access to the internet, you can set the JFrog Plugin to download JFrog CLI directly from If not, you can set the plugin to download JFrog CLI through the configured Artifactory instance.

    Set the Repository Name field value to the name of a Remote or Virtual repository in your Artifactory instance which proxies


Once installed and configured, you can use the JFrog CLI task in your Bamboo build plans. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Tasks section of your build plan.

  2. Add the JFrog CLI task to your plan.

  3. Configure the JFrog CLI task by selecting the appropriate Server ID.

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