Xray Policies and Watches

You can configure the JFrog VS-Code extension to use the security policies you create in Xray. Policies enable you to create a set of rules, in which each rule defines security criteria, with a corresponding set of automatic actions according to your needs. Policies are enforced when applying them to Watches.

If you'd like to use a JFrog Project that is associated with the policy, follow these steps:

  1. Create a JFrog Project, or obtain the relevant JFrog Project key.

  2. Create a Policy on JFrog Xray.

  3. Create a Watch on JFrog Xray and assign your Policy and Project as resources to it.

  4. Configure your Project key in the Extension Settings.

If however your policies are referenced through an Xray Watch or Watches, follow these steps instead:

  1. Create one or more Watches on JFrog Xray.

  2. Configure your Watches in the Extension Settings.

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