Extension Settings

To access the extension settings, click on the gear icon:

Exclude Paths from Scan

By default, paths containing the words .git, test, venv and node_modules are excluded from Xray scan. The exclude pattern can be configured in the Extension Settings.

Proxy Configuration

If your JFrog environment is behind an HTTP/S proxy, follow these steps to configure the proxy server:

  1. Go to Preferences --> Settings --> Application --> Proxy

  2. Set the proxy URL under Proxy.

  3. Make sure 'Proxy Support' is override or on.

  • Alternatively, you can use the HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables.

Downloading External Resources Through Artifactory

JFrog VS Code extension requires necessary resources for scanning your projects. By default, the JFrog VS Code extension downloads the resources it requires from https://releases.jfrog.io. If the machine running JFrog VS Code extension has no access to it, follow these steps to allow the resources to be downloaded through an Artifactory instance, which the machine has access to:

  1. Login to the JFrog Platform UI, with a user who has admin permissions.

  2. Create a Remote Repository with the following properties set:

    • Under the Advanced tab:

      • Uncheck the 'Store Artifacts Locally' option

  3. Navigate to the Settings in JFrog VS Code Extension

  4. Insert the Repository Key you created in the Repository key text field

Or set the JFROG_IDE_RELEASES_REPO environment variable with the Repository Key you created.

Proxy Authorization

If your proxy server requires credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Follow 1-3 steps under Proxy configuration.

Basic authorization

  1. Encode with base64: [Username]:[Password].

  2. Under 'Proxy Authorization' click on 'Edit in settings.json'.

  3. Add to settings.json:

  • "http.proxyAuthorization": "Basic [Encoded credentials]".

Access token authorization

  1. Under 'Proxy Authorization' click on 'Edit in settings.json'.

  2. Add to settings.json:

  • "http.proxyAuthorization": "Bearer [Access token]".


  • Username: foo

  • Password: bar


    "http.proxyAuthorization": "Basic Zm9vOmJhcg=="


Change the log level to debug, info, warn, or err in the Extension Settings.

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