Environment Variables

Some of the Artifactory commands make use of the following environment variable:

Variable Name



[Default: 10] Minimum file size in KB for which JFrog CLI performs checksum deploy optimization.


Configured Artifactory repository name to download the jar needed by the mvn/gradle command. This environment variable's value format should be server ID configured by the 'jf c add' command. The repository should proxy https://releases.jfrog.io. This environment variable is used by the 'jf mvn' and 'jf gradle' commands, and also by the 'jf audit' command, when used for maven or gradle projects.


[Default: $JFROG_CLI_HOME_DIR/dependencies] Defines the directory to which JFrog CLI's internal dependencies are downloaded.


[Default: true] Set to false to block JFrog CLI from sending usage statistics to Artifactory.


Server ID configured using the 'jf config' command, unless sent as a command argument or option.


Build name to be used by commands which expect a build name, unless sent as a command argument or option.


Build number to be used by commands which expect a build number, unless sent as a command argument or option.


JFrog project key to be used by commands that expect build name and build number. Determines the project of the published build.


Sets the CI server build URL in the build-info. The "jf rt build-publish" command uses the value of this environment variable unless the --build-url command option is sent.


[Default: password;secret;key;token] List of semicolon-separated(;) case insensitive patterns in the form of "value1;value2;...". Environment variables match those patterns will be excluded. This environment variable is used by the "jf rt build-publish" command, in case the --env-exclude command option is not sent.


[Default: false] Used by the "jf rt download" command. Set to true to download artifacts also from remote repositories. This feature is experimental and available on Artifactory version 7.17.0 or higher.


[Default: false] Used by the "jf rt upload" command. Set to true if you'd like to upload an empty archive when '--archive' is set but all files were excluded by exclusions pattern.


Read about additional environment variables at the Welcome to JFrog CLI page.

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