Scan Pull Requests


Frogbot uses JFrog Xray (version 3.29.0 and above is required) to scan your pull requests. It adds the scan results as a comment on the pull request. If no new vulnerabilities are found, Frogbot will also add a comment, confirming this.

The following features use the package manager used for building the project:

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

  • Vulnerability Contextual Analysis

Security note for pull requests scanning

When installing Frogbot using JFrog Pipelines, Jenkins, and Azure DevOps, Frogbot will not wait for a maintainer's approval before scanning newly opened pull requests. Using Frogbot with these platforms is therefore not recommended for open-source projects.

When installing Frogbot using GitHub Actions and GitLab however, Frogbot will initiate the scan only after it is approved by a maintainer of the project. The goal of this review is to ensure that external code contributors don't introduce malicious code as part of the pull request. Since this review step is enforced by Frogbot when used with GitHub Actions and GitLab, it is safe to be used for open-source projects.

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